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The Adirondack Club & Resort (ACR), the largest approved development plan in the history of the Adirondack Park, also chose to be in Tupper Lake. The ACR Project will unquestionably serve as a primary catalyst for the Oval Wood Townhouse Project due to the spike in permanent local jobs, population, revenue, tourism, and  the overall revitalization of the village that will occur over the next ten years.



More than ten years ago, Preserves Associates LLC proposed an Orvis branded four-season recreational resort in Tupper Lake, New York, known as the Adirondack Club & Resort (ACR).


It would be the first of-its-kind east of the Mississippi and offer skiing, golf, a marina, a fly fishing school, spa, nature preserve, extensive network of hiking and biking trails and artist colony.


The resort would exist on lands of and surrounding the former Big Tupper Ski Area east of NYS Route 30 and the former McDonald’s Marina on the west side of Route 30. To date, the private investors have spent more than $10 million to study, develop and improve the project, over a 10 year period.

The ACR project would create more than 500 direct year-round private sector jobs when complete and generate more than $11 million in new tax revenue, including $6.4 million a year for the Tupper Lake Central School District – an amount more than double this year’s budget gap.


To demonstrate their commitment to the environment and natural beauty of the region, the developers set aside more than 5,000 acres of the nearly 6,400 acre site as open space, and plan to implement a forest management plan to cover approximately 4,500 of those acres.

The ACR project would develop 522 acres or 8.4% of the property – protecting over 85% of the land – and have a total build-out far less than mathematically permitted by the Adirondack Park Agency.


The ACR presents no risk to taxpayers or local governments. The project will finance and build its own roads, water, sewer and electric infrastructure and a wastewater treatment plant.


ACR Fast Facts:

Potential Visitor/Resident Spending Projections Generated by ACR Project:
• Visitor expenditures = $22.60 million/year; 70,368 sq. ft.
•Resident expenditures = $9.29 million/year; 13,663 sq. ft. (571 FTE residents)
• Total = $31.89 million/year; 84,031sq. ft.



7 million people (5+ million Canadians) within 130 miles; New York City,

Toronto and Boston within 300 miles


Regional Benefits

• Increase tax base by $500 million
• Reopen ski area
• Bring Canadian dollars to New York
• Keep New York dollars in New York
• Revitalize Village of Tupper Lake and region
• Provide beds for the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks and other recreational tourism


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